MENA Ride-Hailing Service Licenses Facial Recognition Tech for Driver Authentication

Surveillance tech specialist Digital Barriers has announced a major new client for its facial recognition software. Careem, a major ride-hailing service serving the MENA market, will use the technology for driver authentication.MENA Ride-Hailing Service Licenses Facial Recognition Tech for Driver Authentication

The software will be used for driver enrollment and authentication during shifts, helping to ensure that the accredited Careem driver is the one behind the wheel at a given moment. It’s similar to a measure undertaken by Uber last year, when it came to light that that ride-hailing service would implement in-car spot checks of drivers, using facial recognition technology, in the China market, where the company had reportedly experienced a pronounced issue with drivers using false accounts or sharing credentials.

In a statement announcing the Digital Barriers agreement, Careem Co-Founder Magnus Olsson explained that “[t]he biometric technology helps us strengthen our relationship with our users further by providing them with the reassurance that every Captain’s credentials are being monitored at all times through a sophisticated network,” adding that the technology’s use in driver screening would also help to ensure rider safety.

Digital Barriers says the deal entails recurring revenue for use of the software, marking the first time the company’s facial recognition technology has won such a contract with a major commercial application.

April 11, 2017 – by Alex Perala