Matrix to Promote Biometric Tech at ISC West, Secutech India

Enterprise telecommunications and security solutions provider Matrix will be showing off some major new offerings at a pair of high-profile industry events in April, the company has announced. At both ISC West 2016 and Secutech India, Matrix will showcase its COSEC, COSEC ARC, and SATATYA SAMAS solutions.

Matrix to Promote Biometric Tech at ISC West, Secutech IndiaThe first two offerings deal with access control. The COSEC platform offers door control based on multifactor authentication including biometrics, combining fingerprint and palm vein scanning with RFID card reading capabilities. The platform’s solutions also offer features like IP65 water resistance; 3G, 4G, and WiFi connectivity; and power-over-ethernet functionality. Meanwhile, COSEC ARC is an IP-based access control solution offering flexible mounting options.

SATATYA SAMAS is what Matrix calls its “Enterprise Video Management solution”, which offers centralized, live video surveillance monitoring. It also provides real-time data on bandwidth and server usage.

Together these offerings could enable a highly sophisticated enterprise security setup, particularly with their use of biometric technologies. As Matrix makes the case for them at ISC West and SECUTECH, it will be helping to promote the advantages of modern biometric technology more broadly.

March 18, 2016 – by Alex Perala