Market Research Firm Announces Biometrics Advisory Service

Market Research Firm Announces Biometrics Advisory ServiceMarket research firm Tractica has launched a new advisory service specializing the biometrics market. The aptly-named Biometrics Advisory Service will provide clients with current analysis of the industrial landscape so that they can plan strategy accordingly.

In announcing the launch of the service, Tractica principal analyst Bob Lockhart explained that the biometrics market “is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth, driven largely by advances in mobile computing power and the increased availability and lower cost of robust sensor technology.” Tractica’s approach is to focus on use cases, which Lockhart says “define the biometrics market opportunity.” The company has classified 142 use cases, and offers a profile specific to each with respect to “business function, industry, and modality.” And the advisory service consider a wide range of biometric modalities, from the widespread (fingerprint scanning, facial recognition) to the more obscure (electrocardiogram and DNA recognition).

It isn’t the first advisory service launched by Tractica. Just last week, the firm announced a Wearable Devices Advisory Service. That, too, is a booming market, and it has substantial overlap with the overall biometrics market. Given the many other subfields and markets that biometric technology is helping to bolster, we might expect to see more such advisory services launched soon.

May 14, 2015 – by Alex Perala