Madras High Court to Get Biometric Access Control

Madras High Court to Get Biometric Access ControlThe Madras High Court in Chennai, India, will soon be outfitted with biometric access control.

It’s a move being implemented by the Central Industrial Security Force, which recently was appointed to take command of court security from the city police. CISF is currently setting up a system that will allow lawyers, judges, and other staff to access the court using smart cards or biometric thumb scans.

It’s seen as an important security matter for the court, which is protected by about 250 CISF agents. In deciding on the system, CSIF seeks to emulate the security systems in place at the Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court.

The move appears to reflect broad enthusiasm for biometric technology on the part of the country’s government authorities, with biometric identification being used for everything from the administration of healthcare services to government employee tracking.

CISF says its project will likely be finished within five months, and that once the system is in place court security will once again be the responsibility of Chennai police.

Source: The Times of India

January 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala