Macau Authorities Preparing Facial Recognition System

MacauGovernment authorities in Macau are planning to implement a facial recognition system at the country’s borders.

Responding to questions in the country’s Legislative Assembly, Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau Director Pun Su Peng asserted that preparations for such a system are currently underway, with the Bureau’s aim being “to implement this next year in all border points.” The facial recognition system would replace the current fingerprint scanning system, which Pun Su Peng described as inferior in quality.

The development was primarily framed as a means of improving congestion at the border, with the PSFAB Director listing it alongside measures such as increasing the number of border crossing gates from 90 to 152.

It reflects a growing trend around the world that has seen biometric identification used to improve efficiency – and security – at border crossings. This has been a particularly salient topic in Europe lately, given the region’s efforts to manage a major refugee crisis and secure itself against terrorist threats; of course, in Macau’s case, the focus now is much more on efficiency, especially given that the region’s border security is upgrading from one biometric system to another.

Source: Macau Daily Times

December 3, 2015 – by Alex Perala