M2SYS Supports Sherlock Light Emitting Fingerprint Sensor From Integrated Biometrics

February 18, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

The Sherlock LES fingerprint sensor from Integrated Biometrics set a benchmark in identity. Sherlock is the first non-optical fingerprint sensor to achieve FBI Appendix R certification. It’s light-weight and durable design makes it versatile in terms of deployment, a flexibility that is augmented with the sensor’s ability to scan fingerprints in various states of moistness (or dryness) and all kinds of weather. This all having been said, it should come as no surprise that it is popular.

Today, M2SYS Technology announced that it will support Sherlock LES fingerprint sensor through its Hybrid Biometric Platform: a multimodal biometrics system that supports fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, iris, face and more identification modalities. The aim is to provide innovative and certified identification for a growing variety of applications.

Border control, a market on the rise, especially in Europe, is among these numerous application, as is national ID, voter registration and ePassports. these kind of deployments end up servicing massive populations, and the sensors used need to be able to act quickly while lasting long enough to make the investment worth it on an agency or enterprise level. The end goal with all biometric deployments distilling down to highest levels of security combined with the highest levels of efficiency (or, in other words, lowest amount of friction).

The support of Sherlock was made with value in mind. M2SYS Technology’s executive vice president Bill Dumont explains: “M2SYS Technology’s continued effort to support a variety of leading devices in the marketplace reinforces our commitment to customer success. The extensive research and development into this progressive light emitting fingerprint sensor, its Appendix F FBI certification, and its ability to quickly and accurately capture moist or dry fingerprints in any environment was a key decision for our support of the ‘Sherlock’ LES fingerprint sensor.”

Recently M2SYS was featured in the news for other biometric applications related to healthcare,  an industry that is demanding biometric patient management systems and electronic health records. The company added functionality to its RightPatient solution named KinderGuardian – an opt-in program to fight child abduction.