M2SYS Partners with SecuGen for Launch of CloudABIS

M2SYS Technology has launched a new cloud-based biometric identity management platform, and SecuGen has signed on as a partner, the companies have announced.

M2SYS Partners with SecuGen for Launch of CloudABISCalled CloudABIS, M2SYS’s new platform is intended to help organizations implement biometric identity systems with as little friction as possible. It’s meant for a range of applications including border control, voter registration, time and attendance tracking, and so on; and it supports iris, facial, finger vein, and fingerprint biometrics.

That last modality is the primary concern of SecuGen, whose fingerprint scanning devices will be supported by CloudABIS. In a statement, SecuGen CEO Won Lee said, “We are optimistic that this partnership to empower our customers with CloudABIS will increase the adoption of our fingerprint hardware around the world,” adding that “CloudABIS is an innovative answer to help advance this powerful identification technology around the world.”

M2SYS says its CloudABIS solution is available for deployment through an M2SYS-provided cloud or within an organization’s own private cloud environment, and on “a flexible and affordable SaaS model.”

June 7, 2017 – by Alex Perala