M2SYS and Hitachi Release Finger Vein and Fingerprint ID Device

gI_59500_m2sys_highresOctober 17, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

With the recent torrent of fingerprint sensor news, now that Touch ID and similar solutions are poised to replace traditional passwords, it is easy to forget that you ridges, loops and whorls aren’t the only distinguishing features of your personal digits. Your fingers also contain vein patterns, a secure and unique biometric that has been recently paired with its popular cousin: the fingerprint.

M2SYS announced yesterday that it will be pairing the two finger biometrics on a single identification device targeted at markets requiring dual factor authentication such as healthcare and civil ID verification. With finger vein technology provided by Hitachi, M2SYS’s new M2-FuseID can offer 1:1 and 1:N matching for both biometrics contained on the unit.

“We worked closely with our partners at Hitachi Europe, Ltd. to design and develop this unique fused fingerprint and finger vein reader to meet the growing demand of fast, reliable results in diverse matching environments,” said M2SYS CEO and founder Mizan Rahman.

Speaking to the M2-FuseID’s multifactor capabilities, Hitachi Europe’s deputy general manager, information systems group Ravi Ahluwalia said, “The ability to simultaneously capture two biometric characteristics, instantly match them against a stored template database comprised of millions of records, and receive results within seconds will help ensure customers are able to effectively use this device and achieve the results they expect.”

Multifactor biometric solutions are magnitudes more secure than a single biometric solution. What makes M2-FuseID worth noting is that both biometrics are contained in the same body part, and because one of those factors is vein-image, it can’t be lifted from surfaces. This makes the solution, though solely finger-based, will be incredibly difficult to spoof, making it ideal for the sensitive markets it aims to serve.