M2-FuseID Biometric Reader Scores FBI Personal Identity Verification Certification

Biometric identity management solutions company,  M2SYS Technology announced today that its smart fingerprint reader, M2-FuseID has received Personal Identity Verification (PIV) certification from the FBI. PIV certification signifies an FBI standard of quality and interoperability.

The M2-FuseID offers, in addition to a boasted high standard of reliability and accuracy, liveness detection to weed out spoofing attempts. Multi-factor by design, the M2-FuseID captured both a user’s fingerprint image (at 500 dpi) and her finger vein pattern. This aspect is where the “smart” qualifier comes in; M2SYS boasts “near 100% enrollment rates and accurate identification through “smart” scanning technology.“

Mizan Rahman, founder, CEO and CTO of M2SYS comments:  “FBI PIV certification of our innovative M2-FuseID is an important achievement for this unique, ‘smart’ finger scanner. Our goal was to design and create an ultra-precise finger reader that extends the versatility, reliability, and accuracy of standard fingerprint readers by allowing end users to capture the fingerprint and finger vein pattern at the same time, capitalizing on the strength of multimodal biometrics for accuracy and user acceptability.”

With the new FBI certification proudly on display, M2-FuseID is being targeted at markets requiring very high levels of security and accuracy. These markets include civil ID, banking and financial services.

Rahaman continues, “the device features sophisticated liveness detection by simultaneously looking at and below the skin’s surface in a single scan. This offers protection against fake and spoofed fingerprints to ensure confidence in the reader’s ability to accurately identify individuals, especially in places where the highest level of security is paramount, such as the financial services industry.”

M2SYS is no stranger to markets requiring the utmost security and assurance. Recently Archbold Memorial Hospital selected RightPatient, an identity management system from M2SYS Healthcare Solutions that features fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial and voice recognition. In addition to fraud fighting, the patient management solution is cutting down on administrative demons like duplicate records.

July 15, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter