Lumidigm Stays Ahead In Brazilian Biometric Banking

September 9, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

Lumidigm ATM

Lumidigm will be demonstrating its fingerprint authentication technology in booth 404 at FELABAN CLAB 2013.

8624_lumidigm_lumidigm-vert-rgb-600wLumidigm’s fingerprint authentications technology will be on display at this week’s FELABAN CLAB 2013 Latin American financial institution technology solutions conference in Miami Florida. The biometric solutions provider currently has over 50 thousand biometric ATM units deployed in Brazil alone, bringing its unique multi-spectral imaging to banking security throughout the region.

“Banking applications require superior biometrics performance and advanced spoof protection for unattended operations like those required at ATM terminals,” said the company’s director of Latin American sales, Juan Carlos Tejedor. Thanks to the imaging process used by Lumidigm technology which authenticates based on multiple layers of a fingerprint, damage and dirt become non-factors when authorizing members of the public in unattended transaction stations like ATMs.

Continuing, Tejedor expanded: “Our business partners are also looking for a technology that can perform reliably under a wide variety of environmental conditions and duty cycles and Lumidigm’s technology was designed specifically for excellent performance in all situations.”

Biometrics are not only becoming the preferred method of transaction authentication in Latin America and other Lumidigm-served regions such as Africa and Asia, but they also hold the key to a mobile commerce boom, with payment protection secured by fingerprint sensors on phones and tablets.