Lumidigm Brings Multispectral Biometrics To Europe, MTRIX is Authorized as Dealer

Lumidigm-HID-vertical-RGBLumidigm announced today that it is expanding its global distribution channel in Europe, appointing German-based MTRIX as an authorized distributor of its multispectral imaging biometric sensors (among other Lumidigm products).

Now a part of HID Global after a recent acquisition, Lumidigm’s expansion into Europe will be focusing on the enterprise market, specifically the hot areas of healthcare and finance.

“This is good news for our growing customer base in Europe as now we can provide hands-on local support for our biometric solutions,” says Greg Sarrail, vice president of solutions business development at  Lumidigm. “MTRIX provides the right combination of industry expertise with a focus on solving issues related to identity and network authentication. Their direct interaction with the integration channel and endeavors to exceed end-user requirements fit perfectly with Lumidigm’s high-quality value proposition.”

Lumidigm V-Series Biometric Reader

The Lumidigm V-Series biometric reader uses multispectral imaging technology to scan multiple layers of a user’s fingerprint.

Lumidigm’s multispectral technology is already deployed in many healthcare and financial situations. A fingerprint imaging innovation, Lumidigm sensors can capture and compare subdermal layers of fingerprint. On a basic level this means that scarring and dirt don’t pose a problem in authentication situations, making the company’s sensors ideal for situations that have workers and the public interacting with the technology.

What it also means is that Lumidigm sensors can operate in inclement weather. A multispectral fingerprint sensor can work properly while placed under a running water fountain, meaning that rain is not a factor in outdoor deployments.

Notably, Lumidigm has had its fingerprint biometric technology deployed on ATMs in Latin America and as part of an international vaccination tracking initiative funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In both types of cases, there is no guarantee that scanning conditions will be ideal. Additionally, the vaccination history deployment particularly attacks communication barriers born from language-based obstacles and low literacy rates.

Now with MTRIX expanding this technology into Europe, citizens of the EU will be facing some helpful biometric deployments sooner rather than later.

May 29, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter