Lock Screens Could Reveal More Notifications Based on Biometrics

Microsoft has filed a patent application for a system that would use biometrics to adjust how much personal information is displayed on a device’s lock screen, reports MSPowerUser.

Lock Screens Could Reveal More Notifications Based on BiometricsAt the moment, most mobile operating systems let users tailor what kinds of information can be displayed on the lock screen – for example, whether text messages can be displayed for all to see, even if the device is locked. Microsoft’s system aims to move users beyond that kind of binary approach, allowing for more information to be displayed when the device detects that its primary user is the one looking at the screen.

At the moment, that would probably be facilitated via fingerprint scan, since most new smartphones feature such sensors. But Windows 10’s Windows Hello security system is designed to support other modalities, too, such as facial recognition, and smartphones featuring the kind of infrared cameras needed for that functionality could thereby allow this personalized lock notifications system to work even more effectively. The same goes for future devices supporting iris recognition, which could be the next big mobile biometric modality.

For users, it points to another evolution in smartphone biometrics that could make the user experience even easier and more personalized.

Source: MSPowerUser

October 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala