License to Lounge: MorphoTrak Face Recognition Guards High End Houston Social Club

8622_morphotrak_rvb_morphotrakNovember 18, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

The Marque is the sort of place you think only exists on TV or in the movies. The dark upholstery on it’s furniture and the dramatically lit lounge play host to an incredibly exclusive array of members as they enjoy the finer things in life not available to common people. It is easy to imagine when looking at photos of the Poker Room buried deep inside the place, Mads Mikkelsen and Daniel Craig playing cards here, with stakes going far beyond money. Think James Bond, without the licence to kill (hopefully).

Membership goes beyond simply paying the initiation fee and its upkeep (individuals pay $5000 to join and $200 every month to maintain their status). At The Marque it’s less about what you have and more about who you know. People thinking they have what it takes to be marked for The Marque need to be sponsored by an existing member.

The doors to The Marque being so closed off to the general public means that security is going to be tight. Again, think James Bond style security without the killing (hopefully). A simple bouncer or henchman is not going to always know the difference between a new member and a smooth talking fraudster who can drop the right names and look the part. This is ostensibly why The Marque is outfitted with Morpho (Safran) 3D Face Readers (courtesy of MorphoTrak) that control access to the social club and its executive areas.

The solution is contactless, fast and most importantly accurate. Morpho’s 3D Face Readers are designed for critically important places like laboratories, so members of The Marque can rest assured that no freeloaders are sneaking in to their personal movie set of a lounge.

The benefits of this kind of access control go beyond the exclusivity provided by high security, it also aids in convenience. Having face recognition act as a key means that members don’t need to burden themselves with a membership card, which may not seem like a gigantic deal to most people, but when luxury is promised in the fashion that The Marque is advertising, having to constantly have a card ready to present is actually quite a burden.

MorphoTrak’s solution is also fitting from a brand perspective. The Marque cares most about who you are, and you aren’t a card, or a key or a token dangling from a keychain, you are a  person. Face recognition boils access down to the bare basics: granted to people, not devices.