LG’s G5 Smartphone Features FPC Sensor

Fingerprint Cards technology is being used in LG’s newest flagship smartphone. Called the G5, the mobile devices features an FPC1035 sensor.
LG G5 Features FPC1035

It’s the same sensor model used in LG’s previous FPC integration, for the V10 device launched last autumn. The manufacturer has also previously integrated FPC sensors into the Nexus 5X smartphone it manufactured for Google.

Commenting in a statement, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto expressed his company’s pride in the integration, calling LG “a leading global smartphone manufacturer”. Lantto added that the “FPC1035 supports 360 degree finger rotation capability, fast response time and industry leading 3D image quality.”

The integration marks FPC’s continuing success in the smartphone fingerprint biometrics market. And as FPC begins to explore other markets more aggressively, it’s likely to maintain a strong revenue base in mobile devices as this market also continues to grow.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)