LG Q8 Features An FPC1035 Sensor

Another new smartphone from LG will feature biometric technology from Fingerprint Cards.

LG Q8 Features an FPC1035 Sensor

The LG Q8 features an FPC1035 sensor. It’s the same sensor model used in multiple recent devices from LG, including the G6 Plus, G5, V20, and LG X, suggesting the company is highly satisfied with the the solution.

The integration’s announcement comes soon after FPC issued its Q2 and half-year report, in which the company’s CEO argued that the company’s mobile biometrics business has righted itself after a challenging first half of the year. Q2 saw FPC sensors integrated into 19 new mobile devices, and Q3 could see many more as the business continues to regain momentum.

Things should also be helped along by FPC’s new partnership with Qualcomm, which will see the company’s sensors integrated into a range of low- and mid-tier devices in the coming months.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)