LG To Bring Facial Recognition To G6 Smartphone

LG is planning to bring facial recognition software to its new G6 smartphone, The Investor reports.

LG To Bring Facial Recognition To G6 SmartphoneThe company is thought to have contracted another Korea-based company, Oez, to provide the technology. As The Investor reports, Oez’s facial recognition software takes up only 3.5MB – 5MB, and features liveness detection capabilities to prevent spoofing.

LG’s move comes as facial recognition grows increasingly popular as a biometric modality for premium smartphones. Samsung has coupled the technology with iris recognition to enable passive user authentication on its newest smartphones, and Apple is thought to be integrating the technology into its next iPhone.

According to The Investor, LG is expected to launch the software as soon as June, to coincide with the launch of its new LG Pay mobile payment platform, which will presumably use the facial recognition system for transaction authentication.

Source: The Investor

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)