Lenel Systems Certifies MorphoTrak To Keep Access Control Accessible

MorphoTrak LogoFebruary 20, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

In the current market landscape for biometric access control, it is key that adoption barriers are dissolved as much as possible. Interoperability in security systems and the readers that allow for biometric upgrades give customers more choices so that they can custom tailor their protection of choice without having to compromise. Every company has different needs, and though it might seem obvious it is important to remember: in the world of physical access, accessibility rules.

MorphoTrak (Safran) has joined the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program (OAAP) after receiving factory certification from Lenel Systems International – an access control security concern. As a result, Morpho biometric access readers have become more interoperable: now able to interface with the OnGuard access control system.

The newfound interoperability is made possible through Identity One’s BioManager middleware. Now, OnGuard customers are able to interface with Morpho biometric readers, adding them to existing security installations. This opens up a large amount of choice for customers looking for a biometric upgrade, since BioManager is allowing for Morpho’s fusion finger print and vein, fingerprint and 3D face biometric readers with Lenel’s security infrastructure.

So, what can OnGuard customers choose from now that Morpho technology is at their disposal?

For physical access control in both indoor and outdoor areas, the MorphoAccess Series of readers is fast, accurate and versatile. Including dual readers that can capture finger vein and print biometrics simultaneously, the technology at play in this series comes with the highest recommendation from NIST: rated number one in terms of enrollment and matching accuracy.

Where hands free authentication is required, Lenel security customers now have the option of choosing Morpho 3D Face Reader technology. Able to match at speeds registering less than a second, 3D Face is particularly well suited for deployments in heavily trafficked areas.

“MorphoTrak has completed required factory testing at Lenel to validate the functionality of its interface to OnGuard,” concludes Gidon Lissai, Lenel’s director of strategic alliances. “OnGuard customers can now benefit from the added security of Morpho biometric access readers. We look forward to their continued involvement in the Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program.”