Le Max Pro Smartphone Features Snapdragon Sense ID

Letv Embraces Qualcomm Tech for Product EcosystemChina-based Letv has become the first company to officially embrace Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 processor. It’s reportedly going to integrate the processor in a number of products to come, but the first will be the Le Max Pro smartphone.

With this integration, the Snapdragon 820 is going to play an important role in helping Letv to establish its consistent “ecosystem user interface,” or EUI. The concept aims to ensure that users of Letv products experience the same interface across the full range of its product ecosystem, similar to Microsoft’s aims with its scalable Windows 10 operating system. Thus, the processor should find a home in a number of Letv products to come.

But the Le Max Pro smartphone is a good place to start, and the device will feature other Qualcomm technologies too, including super-fast 802.11ad multi-band wireless connectivity, which Qualcomm says can enable 4k streaming across multiple devices simultaneously. It will also feature the Snapdragon Sense ID fingerprint scanning technology that has been embraced by NTT DOCOMO, and which now features liveness detection. That could prove important in a range of applications including mPayment authentication, and in any case will add to the technological sophistication that Letv will want to boast about as its new smartphone hits the market.