Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Roundup

It’s time to bring Law Enforcement Biometrics to an end. After a full month of related industry news and feature articles on the topic it is clear that the area of law enforcement and justice is a dynamic space for both biometric identification technologies and strong authentication.

Here is a look back on October and all of the various ways we discussed biometrics in law enforcement.

Getting Started When They’re Young

Law Enforcement Biometrics

October was Law Enforcement Biometrics Month. Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #FBLawEnforcement to keep the discussion going.

We started Law Enforcement Biometrics Month with a primer on the topic. The history of biometrics and law enforcement is long and involved, giving a strong relationship on which to build a wide variety of applications. After getting an overview of what the law enforcement vertical means in terms of biometrics, we took a look at four modalities that are commonly found aiding agents of justice.

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month – The Primer

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: 4 Modalities Of Justice

UK Law Enforcement Market Eager to Add Biometrics to Arsenal

NIST Wants You To Participate in Tatt-C

Next Generation Identification

One of the biggest topics of the year in all of biometrics has been the FBI’s announcement that its Next Generation Identification (NGI) program has recently become fully operational. This past month we spent time discussing the FBI’s new biometric system, the benefits it brings to law enforcement, the historical milestone it marks and what it means to law abiding citizens.

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: Next Generation Identification

Witness The Power of the FBI’s Fully Armed And Operational NGI Suite


Law enforcement markets, like many other verticals that rely on biometrics, are increasingly benefiting from mobile technology. This month the industry news section had its share of announcements involving technology that is making the streets safer and police departments more efficient.

Biometrics and Mobility To Bolster NYPD Presence

VAMPIRE Handheld Brings Mobile Biometric Tech To Crime Scenes

Integrated Biometrics to Showcase Military-Grade Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Tech


That’s it for Law Enforcement Biometrics Month, but the conversation doesn’t need to end here. Follow us on Twitter and use the hashtag #FBLawEnforcement to keep the discussion going.

October 29, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter