New Kojak 10-Print Scanner Can Be Used in the Office and in the Field

Integrated Biometrics has unveiled its promised “game-changing” new device at this year’s connect:ID conference in Washington. Called the Kojak, it’s a ten-print and roll fingerprint scanner.

It’s designed to facilitate the enrollment and identification of large groups of people, and can capture ten fingerprints in less than 1o seconds. But it’s greatest strength is its mobility: Integrated Biometrics says the FAP 60 Appendix F Certified device can run off of a laptop or mobile device for hours without the need for any additional power source. Moreover, its scanning surface comes in at 3.5″ x 3.15″, and the device weighs in at only 1.6 pounds.

The device’s mobility enables a wide range of potential deployments, ranging from border security kiosks to in-the-field population enrollment. Commenting in a statement, Integrated Biometrics VP David Gerulski explained that “[o]utside of the U.S. you don’t often have access to a desk, power source, or nice air conditioned room with low lighting for electronic fingerprinting,” pointing out that “Kojak is designed for the field as well as the office.”

Indeed, in situations requiring in-the-field, large-scale biometric enrollment on the fly–such as the management of refugee populations, for example—Kojak could prove very useful. “In many third-world nations individuals do not carry identification cards of any kind – this allows them access to social benefits, healthcare, banking, really the entire world,” Gerulski concluded.

March 15, 2016 -by Alex Perala