KnuVerse Gets New General Manager

An early member of the KnuEdge team has been promoted to a big new position as the company proceeds after having come out of stealth mode earlier this year. Kate Dilligan is now the Executive Vice President and General Manager of KnuVerse, the company’s voice recognition technology brand.KnuVerse Gets New Manager

Dilligan arrived at the company in 2005, having previously led senior finance positions in multiple political campaigns. While her background is largely in business, being with KnuEdge for over a decade has presumably endowed her with considerable expertise in the areas of voice recognition and authentication. In a statement announcing her new role, the company explained that Dilligan will lead efforts to develop customization tools for users in a range of applications.

KnuEdge CEO Dan Goldin added that “Kate challenges her teams to think differently, which is motivated by her own inherent interest in transforming how humans interact with machines.”

The key selling point for KnuVerse technology is its ability to function in noisy environments, with KnuEdge having previously asserted that it has been tested in “mission-critical battlefield conditions”. Earlier this summer, KnuEdge opened its platform to developers in a hackathon, with the interesting results helping to demonstrate its utility and versatility.

September 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala