Kiteworks Enterprise Data Security Platform Supports Touch ID

Accellion, Inc. has upgraded its Kiteworks enterprise data security platform with several new features, the company has announced.

Kiteworks is designed to enable access control to sensitive enterprise data through a variety of methods including file encryption and full user activity auditing. In a statement, Accellion CEO Yorgen Edholm explains that it’s designed “to enable secure access to enterprise content, from a single pane of glass, ensuring the highest levels of data security and adhering to the most rigorous industry compliance requirements.”

The system now offers restricted folders that can be edited but not downloaded, as well as the ability to remotely wipe data off of a desktop device – two features that could help to ensure data can’t be stolen onto a physical device. Perhaps more importantly, Kiteworks now supports enhanced authentication services, including support for the Kerberos authentication protocol, and Touch ID authentication as a PIN alternative.

That last capability is one that is increasingly being adopted by a range of products and services. As Apple continues to extend this fingerprint-based authentication across more of its ecosystem, a range of other parties, from banks to third party email services, are also leveraging Touch ID for user authentication. In Accellion’s case, Touch ID functionality could prove appealing to clients increasingly accustomed to biometric security on their own personal mobile devices.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)