Now Kids Need to Scan Their Fingers to Get Into Disney World

Kids under 10 will now have to submit to a fingerprint scan when entering Walt Disney World, reports WDW News Today.

Now Kids Need to Scan Their Fingers to Get Into Disney WorldFingerprint scanning has long been in place at the theme park for individuals above that age, but it’s now being expanded in an effort to stop ticket fraud, with theme park administrators increasingly concerned about child tickets being handed off to older attendees. It isn’t yet clear what the new cut-off age is—presumably babies won’t need to have their fingers scanned—but the theme park certainly seems to be moving toward across-the-board biometric documentation.

It may not be so much a case of rising fraud as changing cultural attitudes, with fingerprint scanners now increasingly commonplace on a range of mobile devices; child fingerprint scanning may have been something that Walt Disney World administrators have long wanted to put in place, with the moment to implement such measures now ripe as consumer attitudes shift to widespread acceptance of everyday biometric scanning.

In any case, the move does track with the growing popularity of such technology, and just as fingerprint scanners have pushed their way down the smartphone price spectrum, such biometric scanning is also making its way down the age range at Walt Disney World.

Source: WDW News Today

September 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala