Kid-Friendly Alexa Brings Voice-Powered AI to the Family

Kid-Friendly Alexa Brings Voice-Powered AI to the FamilyKids say the darndest things, and Alexa is ready to talk back. With Amazon Echo devices making their way into people’s homes the entire family is being considered with a new parent-and-children-focused Alexa experience. FreeTime on Alexa, FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa, and Echo Dots Edition each offer a more parental controlled family-focused experience that tailors Amazon’s AI assistant towards your tots.

FreeTime on Alexa is offered at no cost and includes features like explicit song filtering (no cussing!), bedtime limits (go to bed!), educational Q&A (endlessly patient!), household communications (no more yelling up the stairs!), positive reinforcement for using the word please (what’s the magic word?), disable voice purchasing (no you can’t buy that!), and Alexa can now speak “kid” (Knock, Knock. Who’s there? Clean and kid-friendly knock knock jokes…).

FreeTime Unlimited on Alexa is the $2.99 a month option that includes all the FreeTime on Alexa features plus Alexa-specific content, such as 300 audio books, ad-free kid-friendly radio and playlists, Alexa Kid Skills (like Disney Stories, Nickelodeon’s No Way That’s True and National Geographic’s This or That), an alarm clock feature where the child can be woken up by their favorite cartoon character, and access to games, apps, videos, and more.

Echo Dots Kids Edition is the $79.99 option which combines all “Amazon’s Best Kids Experiences.” The puck sized Echo speaker is equipped with the FreeTime features, one year of FreeTime Unlimited, a kid friendly case, and a 2-year warranty.

“Voice experiences are an important new way to connect with kids and families, and our continued collaboration with Amazon underscores Nickelodeon’s commitment to transforming entertainment,” said Matthew Evans, Executive Vice President, New Business and Digital, Nickelodeon Group. “By combining voice, sound effects and interactivity, these Alexa skills offer an exciting new arena for our audience to engage with our brand and our most popular characters.”

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)