Dubai-Based KeyTech Launches Face, Vehicle Surveillance Solution

Dubai-based KeyTech Security Solutions has launched a new automated system designed to recognize faces and track vehicles.

Dubai-Based KeyTech Launches Face, Vehicle Surveillance SolutionIt’s called the Security Management Solution, or SMS, and the company is targeting it at applications like hotels and other buildings seeing high visitor traffic. In a statement announcing the system, KeyTech CEO Firas Sinno said the system “sends alerts in case of false or incorrect information about [a] visitor,” but did not specify which databases are used to determine visitors’ identities.

In describing the mechanism behind SMS’s vehicle tracking capability, the company said that it can “identify vehicles” using “previously stored information.”

Some major companies in the UAE and Middle East have evidently been persuaded about the system’s benefits, with KeyTech asserting that it has entered into agreements with Intercontinental Hotels, Landmark Group, and Wise Group. KeyTech joins rival facial surveillance specialist NEC in a nascent market for such technology, with a recent market report suggesting a growing appetite for facial recognition solutions in the hospitality industry.

May 4, 2017 – by Alex Perala