Keyper Biometric Smart Card Features Novel Encrypted Audio Security Factor

Keyper Biometric Smart Card Features Novel Encrypted Audio Security Factor

MeReal’s latest biometric smart card is a keeper, in the most literal sense of the word. Dubbed the Keyper, the FIDO-certified smart card features fingerprint authentication, a tamper-resistant chip, and a slew of other features designed to make the card as versatile as possible.

Those features include Java Card compatibility, which is noteworthy because it means that Java applications that were developed for another smart card can easily be integrated into the Keyper. That, in turn, means that the Keyper can be customized for a wide range of functions, including cryptocurrency, mobile payments, credit card transactions, and digital certificates.

The Keyper can communicate with other devices via standard contactless and contact-based methods. It also has a more unique sound verification option, which plays an encrypted tune that can serve as a one-time password if played for a smartphone or PC app that is able to decode the audio file.

MeReal is pitching the Keyper as an enterprise-level solution, stressing that the card can be configured for multiple fingerprints, applications, and levels of security. The card arrives nearly a year after MeReal brought on a new Chief Technology Officer to help “meet customer expectations.” Previous MeReal smart cards have featured tech from Fingerprint Cards, and it’s a good bet that the latter is once again providing the fingerprint sensor for the Keyper.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)