Kenyan Government Biometrically Registering All Citizens

Biometric registration continues to grow in global popularity. Recently it has been announced that The Kenyan government is rolling out a new national ID initiative that aims to register all citizens in the country via their biographical details and biometric measurements.

“In order to address the prevailing security challenges, we intend to consolidate all current registers of persons into a single national register with accurate and relevant information,” explains deputy president William Ruto, who spoke to online news outlet Daily Nation.

The project is expected to take up to six months, primarily benefiting the nation by addressing security concerns, aid in national planning and identify persons living in Kenya with fraudulent ID documents. 

Because the nation uses biometric in its elections, having an up to date database will be a great boon when it comes to the democratic process. Though not cited as a primary motivation for the mass registration, in other cases where national ID has been implemented, having an accurate records of every citizen also allowed for better availability of government services. It also can aid in allowing for those who otherwise would be unable to register for banking to access the benefits of financial institutions.