Kairos Places Facial Recognition Software on RapidAPI Marketplace

Kairos Places Facial Recognition Software on RapidAPI Marketplace

Kairos is hoping to expand its customer base thanks to a renewed partnership with RapidAPI. The facial recognition specialist has announced that its deep learning API platform will be listed on the RapidAPI marketplace, where it will be available to more than 500,000 developers.

“Refreshing our partnership with RapidAPI reinforces our commitment to bring accurate and ethical face recognition to more business use cases,” said Kairos CDO Ben Virdee-Chapman. “We want developers to think ‘Kairos’ when they start their search for face recognition vendors.”

Kairos is expecting to see significant interest given the rising demand for facial recognition tech in recent years. The company configured its marketplace listing in direct collaboration with RapidAPI, which should make it easier for potential clients to incorporate the platform.

The news indicates that Kairos is moving past its legal battle with Brian Brackeen, the founder and former CEO who was ousted by the Kairos board in 2018. Earlier that year, Kairos acquired the emotion detection company EmotionReader in an effort to reduce racial and demographic bias that can limit the utility of facial recognition solutions, making it the second emotion analytics firm that Kairos has acquired.

May 2, 2019 – by Eric Weiss