JENETRIC Gets ISO 9001 Certification

Germany-based fingerprint scanner developer JENETRIC has received ISO 9001 certification across the breadth of its departments.

JENETRIC Gets ISO 9001 Certification

In a statement announcing the certification, JENETRIC CEO Roberto Wolfer characterized it as a validation of the company’s standards. “We are pleased to offer our customers highest quality in all areas – from production and order processing all the way to sales and service,” he said.

The announcement comes as JENETRIC seeks to raise capital in a third round of funding, for which it has once again secured the support of bm|t, among others. The funding is aimed at establishing a US subsidiary for the company as it seeks to expand its reach in the overall growing biometrics market.

The International Standards Organization’s ISO 9001 certification pertains to the appropriateness and effectiveness of a subject organization’s quality management system.

January 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala