Responding to Demand, Jenetric Expedites Sensor Into Production

Germany-based Jenetric has rushed its LiveTouch quattro fingerprint sensor into production.

Responding to Demand, Jenetric Expedites Sensor Into ProductionIn a statement announcing the move, the company emphasized the speed with which it has been compelled to produce its device, suggesting that unexpectedly high demand has pushed it to act. Having developed its first prototype in just 12 months, the rush to production represents “a complex challenge for the young company,” its statement read, adding that its technology “requires entirely new manufacturing techniques, new partners, cooperation with international suppliers and a sophisticated quality control.”

The company’s fingerprint sensor solution is premised upon a user-friendly design: The scanner is transparent, allowing a digital display underneath it to signal where a user should place her finger. The design helped Jenetric to win over investors and this year netted the company first place in a German industry competition.

The company hasn’t yet elaborated on the specifics of how its expedited move to production is proceeding—in terms of “new manufacturing techniques”, “new partners”, and so on—but it says that its LiveTouch quattro is currently being evaluated by customers in Europe and the Americas, and that it has entered into a partnership with US-based identity management solutions provider SureID, so it does appear to be making good progress.

July 27, 2016 – by Alex Perala