JCC Association Highlights FST Biometrics Solution

The JCC Association of North America has designated FST Biometrics a preferred identity management vendor. The assessment is based on FST’s In Motion Identification platform, which offers multimodal biometric identification based on facial and body motion pattern recognition.

JCC Association Highlights FST Biometrics SolutionThe JCC Association’s recommendation could encourage numerous Jewish Community Centers to adopt the technology, which offers passive authentication enabling convenient and secure access control. Indeed, one of the company’s first major IMID deployments was at a social and recreational facility, where its frictionless authentication technology was seen as particularly valuable with respect to health and hygienic standards for members.

Commenting on the JCC Association’s recognition, FST Biometrics CMO Arie Melamed acknowledged that “JCC managers are challenged with finding the right balance to create safe spaces for fun, sport and education, while also ensuring that their facilities are functioning optimally and creating a welcoming environment,” adding, “This is exactly what FST delivers.”

While facial recognition is already a popular biometric technology, there are indications that gait biometrics – a key component of IMID – is also on the rise, and the JCC Association’s recognition of FST Biometrics adds some weight to the trend. For its part, with recent high-profile deployments with the Netherlands’ ICER Innovation Center and the Israel Diamond Exchange, FST Biometrics is helping to set the pace for this market, and establishing a strong profile in access control more broadly.

Source: Jewish Business News

May 12, 2016 – by Alex Perala