INTERVIEW: Javier Mira, CEO, FacePhi at Money20/20 2017 [AUDIO]

Facial recognition is a massively popular biometric modality in FinTech, and the outlook is looking even brighter now that Apple has included it on the upcoming iPhone X. At Money20/20, FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill caught up with Javier Mira, CEO, FacePhi – a face biometrics company well positioned to take advantage of the modality’s rising profile. FacePhi’s facial recognition technology is already deployed at 15 banks, enabling authentication via selfie, and its recent partnership with Entrust Datacard is set to spread its influence around the globe.

The live interview begins with talk about FaciPhi’s agenda for Money20/20, then goes on to discuss the company’s new partnership with Entrust Datacard, before concluding with a discussion about how Apple’s Face ID is changing the facial recognition landscape in a way that is paying off for Mira’s company.

Listen to our full interview with Javier Mira, CEO, FacePhi: