Japan Offers Biometric Aid to Pakistan

Japan has agreed to donate about $1.96 million USD to Pakistan for the procurement of biometric security screening technology.

Japan Offers Biometric Aid to PakistanThe money will find its way back to Japan, of course: The deal is meant to encourage the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority, or CAA, to purchase Japanese facial recognition technology, which in turn would enable biometric screening at airports in Pakistan. It’s an extension of an already-established relationship between the countries, with Japan having provided X-ray scanners for Pakistan’s major airports, as well as 123 hybrid police vehicles for Pakistan’s National Highway Police and Ministry of Interior.

Security is in the interest of both countries, of course, and the deal could also help to further encourage Japan’s domestic biometric industry. Officials in the country have lately shown signs of enthusiasm for biometric technologies, with authorities going so far as to embark on a biometric tourism plan ahead of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics that will see visitors’ biometric data used to make payments at tourist hotspots, file travel documents, check in to hotels—and to track their activities.

Of course, Pakistan’s authorities will presumably use Japan’s biometric technologies for their own ends. Officials from both countries say further details of the deal are forthcoming.

Source: Diplomatic News Agency

July 5, 2016 – by Alex Perala