iWork Update Enables Biometric Security for Keynote, Pages, Numbers

Apple has upgraded its iWork productivity tools suite with new features including enhanced biometric security.

iWork Update Enables Biometric Security for Keynote, Pages, NumbersWith the upgrade, users can now lock documents with Apple’s Touch ID security system. That means users can set up Keynote slide presentations, Pages documents, and Numbers spreadsheets so that they can only be unlocked with the right fingerprint scan.

It’s a security feature leveraging the latest MacBook Pro’s fingerprint scanner. While Apple was the key pioneer in establishing such technology as a standard feature on smartphones over the last few years, Touch ID’s migration to the laptop is a relatively recent move.

The Touch ID security arrives alongside various bug fixes and some more minor upgrades allowing users to more easily find and replace fonts, link documents, and employ mathematical equations.

Sources: AppleInsider, 9to5Mac

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)