iTouch Biometrics Deploys Law Enforcement Solution for Romeoville PD

Grama Mugshot

Biometrics have a great number of critical applications in law enforcement, and not all of them deal with processing criminals.

The Romeoville, Illinois police department has adopted software from iTouch Biometrics in order to replace both the livescan fingerprint and DC Book mugshot solutions that it is currently using.

Having adopted iTouch’s Accurate-ID solution, the Romeoville PD can now manage and store fingerprint and mugshot records through the same platform. This two-in-one functionality made all the difference according to Deputy Chief Ken Kroll.

“What was key was finding a company that could convert nine years of booking data. When iTouch said that they could do it in one system that was a big selling point for us,” said Kroll in a press release. “That’s one less vendor, one less contract, one less support group.”

With Accurate-ID, Romeoville Police have over 15,000 mugshots and booking records in a single cabinet. Using Active Directory, the department can allow for remote record access by authorized users. This allows for high levels of inter-departmental cooperation.

“If the Bolingbrook police think that one of Romeoville’s prior arrests was involved in a crime, I can search the records, point, click and send over a suspects mug shot in an email from my computer,” explains Kroll.

In addition to the booking system, Romeoville’s police department has allow adopted a version of Accurate-ID for desktop that can be used by citizens wanting to enroll for a variety of non-criminal reasons. Examples given by iTouch include license applications or background checks for people applying to work in positions of public trust.

Law enforcement has been one of 2014’s more active biometric verticals. InSeptember we celebrated the major milestone of the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system becoming fully operational.

December 15, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter