ISC West 2015: SRI To Debut Residential Biometrics

SRI To Debut Residential BiometricsSurveillance and security solutions provider Korea Technology and Communications (KT&C) has teamed up with advanced technology developer SRI International to bring to market a new iris-scanning access control system. Called KEES, the residential door lock system employs a regular push-pull door handle.

The trick, of course, is that it also has an iris-scanning sensor, powered by SRI’s Iris on the Move (IOM) technology. It can scan irises at a glance, meaning it’s essentially a passive authentication system – a user just walks up to a door and tries to open it; if they are authorized, it’s unlocked, and otherwise they can’t get in. The new solution will be debuting at this week’s ISC West exhibition in Las Vegas and can bee seen at KT&C and SRI’s booths (#24109 and #3089 respectively).

Speaking on the new offering, KT&C CEO H.S. Kwon explained that building owners “are increasingly challenged to deploy market-leading access control products and technology that do not place an undue burden on residents,” which this new system offers “at a competitive price.” Mark Clifton, President of SRI’s Products and Solutions Division, added that KEES uses “leading iris biometric technology” to offer “unparalleled convenience and security,” and moreover that the new system “demonstrates the growing viability of iris biometrics for more market applications.”

He’s certainly right there. With iris scanning technology starting to see a range of novel deployments, from mobile phones to automobiles, a wealth of new opportunities are opening up in previously untapped sectors. For its part, while SRI has long specialized in security screening applications, the company has also started to delve into the world of consumer tech, as demonstrated in its recent licensing agreement with Samsung, which will see its technology appear in a number of mobile devices. Now, with its IOM coming to residential security, SRI has an opportunity to pioneer iris biometrics in a new and possibly very valuable market.

April 13, 2015 by Alex Perala