ISC West 2015: Morpho Unveils MorphoWave

ISC West 2015: Morpho Unveils MorphoWaveBiometrics developer Morpho (Safran) has launched a new, touchless fingerprint scanner at the ISC West conference currently underway in Las Vegas. Called MorphoWave, the system is able to scan and match four fingerprints from a single wave of the hand from the user.

Because the system is touchless, it’s able to scan both dry and wet fingerprints, and it can do so at a fast pace. As such, the company is aiming it primarily at high-traffic areas, though it’s also placing on emphasis on MorphoWave’s versatility. In a statement, the company explained that it was “designed with all key interfaces allowing direct and easy integration into existing access control and time and attendance systems,” adding that the system is also suitable for stand-alone, temporary deployments. Moreover, it features a highly-configurable user interface, making it easy for government and commercial venues to incorporate it into their facilities.

Adding to MorphoWave’s case is Morpho’s recent success in the latest round of NIST testing, which deemed the company’s fingerprint recognition technology to be head and shoulders above the competition. The company has also enjoyed a lot of success lately in the field of law enforcement, with Pinellas County, Fla., police applauding its fingerprint scanners after having deployed them in their work. That kind of endorsement should go some way in helping to convince other organizations to trust the technology for more mainstream deployments, such as at soccer stadiums or music venues.

April 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala