ISC East: Introducing Kogniz, a Computer Vision Specialist [AUDIO INTERVIEW]

ISC East: Introducing Kogniz, a Computer Vision Specialist [AUDIO INTERVIEW]Over the past few years, biometric surveillance based on facial recognition technology has emerged as an important and highly active industry, with a number of companies offering solutions that can scan faces directly through live video feeds. But this year, an unfamiliar face has emerged onto the scene: Kogniz, a California-based startup, has officially launched, and was showcasing its solution at this year’s ISC East.

In an interview with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill on the show floor, Kogniz CEO Daniel Putterman, discussed what makes his firm’s approach unique – a new type of security camera that the company provides for deployments “at no cost” beyond its primary subscription fees. Putterman also explained that Kogniz’s solution isn’t just based on facial recognition, but on a broader computer vision system that can offer a range of applications, from looking for shoplifters to identifying when a child is at risk of drowning in a public pool.

The firm is based in California’s Mill Valley, but is also actively recruiting engineers for an office in Montreal. It’s in an initial growth phase, in other words, and could be one to watch, given Putterman’s evident excitement in our interview.

Listen to our full audio interview with Daniel Putterman, CEO, Kogniz: