IriTech Introduces Two New Iris-based-recognition Packages for IriShield

June 28, 2013 – by Peter O’Neill

Eye_irisIriTech has released two new iris-recognition-based software packages for its portable IriShieldTM–USB iris camera that works with both Window/Linux based PC’s and Android based mobile devices. The newly released software packages are called IriTracker and ForYourIrisOnly (FYIO) and they utilize IriShield’s SDK which is provided free-of-charge to IriShield purchasers. According to the company it offers users highly secure easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions for workforce and identity management. Because the embedded IriShield camera handles all iris recognition data and functions the packages are virtually immune to viruses, malwares or other cyber-attacks regardless of the host device (PC/Tablet/Smartphone). No actual iris images are stored on either the host and camera devices ensuring users’ privacy – only a template which is a collection of mathematical numbers is stored.

IriTracker is a time and attendance package and monitors the process and is able to create bulletin board and events, secure employee identity and also auto generates reports for payment management.

IriTracker is a good solution for small to medium enterprises as it is more affordable than traditional systems. It can hold up to 1,000 templates, is easy to use and maintain and according to the company will help reduce time theft, save time on payroll preparation and avoid wage and hour compliance violations.

ForYourIrisOnly (FYIO) is an iris-recognition-based identity management and data protection software that can be used on both Windows and Android devices. It allows only the users’ iris to grant access to sensitive data/applications stored on either their Windows or Android devices and eliminates the use of passwords and PINs. The main functions of FYIO are Windows log-in, file and folder encryption, secure sign-on to websites or applications that require user IDs and passwords, and application launch control.

IriTech is offering free trials for both IriTracker and ForYourIrisOnly. For more information on how to download and try these software packages, contact IriTech’s marketing team

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