IriTech, Egis Tech Team Up to Target AR, VR, Automotive Markets

IriTech and Egis Technology have announced a new partnership in which the companies will together seek to promote their technologies to the AR, VR, and automotive sectors.

IriTech, Egis Tech Team Up to Target AR, VR, Automotive MarketsThe partnership will leverage both companies’ strengths. Egis Technology has made a name for itself in the consumer electronics sector largely through mobile integrations of its fingerprint sensor technology, and is this week further raising its profile at the Mobile World Congress event, where it has unveiled a new under-glass fingerprint sensor solution. Meanwhile, IriTech’s iris scanning technology offers particularly strong applications in AR and VR products, which of course revolve around eye-based user interaction. In a statement announcing the partnership, IriTech CEO Daniel Kim asserted that the plan is “to target more mobile, VR and AR manufacturers with Egis Tech’s sales force.”

As for the automotive sector, there appear to be growing opportunities for both companies’ technologies as car makers increasingly explore how biometrics can be integrated into the smart car, such as by authenticating drivers via a rear view mirror-embedded iris scanner and fingerprint sensors linked to vehicle ignition.

It isn’t yet clear how IriTech and Egis Technology’s partnership will be realized in terms of integrations of their respective technologies, but there certainly appear to be many opportunities inviting the companies’ collaboration.

February 27, 2017 – by Alex Perala