IrisXR Brings Biometric Authentication to VR Headsets

Xperi subsidiary FotoNation has announced a new iris recognition solution designed for VR and AR applications.IrisXR Brings Biometric Authentication to VR Headsets

Called IrisXR, it’s designed for use with headset devices, with the aim of enabling a high level of security for end users, with FotoNation asserting that it has a false acceptance rate of one in 10 million, as well as spoofing detection capabilities. Moreover, the company says its solution uses little memory and power, allowing OEMs to integrate it into their devices with little concern about cost trade-offs in these areas.

In a statement announcing the new solution, Xperi EVP Geir Skaaden suggested that it was built upon a foundation of biometrics expertise established in the company’s mobile solutions, asserting, “Being a leader in the mobile space for high-performance imaging solutions, we were able to bring the high level of security featured in mobile device technology into IrisXR.”

In offering the new biometric security solution, FotoNation is banking on anticipated growth in the VR/AR/MR market. In its announcement of IrisXR, the company cited an IDC report in predicting that the market will see a five-year CAGR of 57.7 percent. “We believe iris biometrics in the AR, VR and MR markets will set a new trend for years to come,” Skaaden said.

FotoNation says its solution will launch later this quarter.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)