Iris Recognition Protects and Customizes New Futuristic Vehicle Concept

Iris Recognition Protects and Customizes New Futuristic Vehicle Concept

Gentex technology is once again being used in a futuristic new vehicle concept from Rinspeed.

Called the ‘microSNAP’, the new vehicle is a reconfiguration of the Snap concept announced ahead of last year’s Consumer Electronics Show. That vehicle concept revolved around the idea of enabling autonomous flatbed-like chassis to connect with stationary passenger pods, picking them up and delivering them to new locations. Now, the microSNAP adapts that idea to “commuting and/or localized, just-in-time delivery,” according to a statement from Gentex.

For its part, Gentex has once again provided iris recognition technology for passenger identification. The technology can also be used to configure custom settings for individual passenger preferences, and to facilitate payments and connections with ancillary cloud-based services.

Gentex has also outfitted the microSNAP vehicle with a cabin monitoring system, and dimmable glass for passenger privacy.

As with the Snap concept, the microSNAP is aimed at showcasing potential new directions for automotive technology. And with a growing number of vehicles incorporating biometric technology as a cutting-edge market differentiator, the concept’s use of iris recognition should raise a few eyebrows at next year’s CES, which runs from January 8th to 11th.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)