Invixium Shows Biometric Terminal in Action [VIDEO]

Invixium is showing off its flagship facial recognition terminal with a real-world deployment.

The company has published a new video of the IXM Titan in action, deployed for time and attendance tracking at a very active construction site in an undisclosed location. The sleek, compact terminal stands out amid the rubble, and demonstrates its effectiveness in scanning workers faces across a range of conditions: In bright sunlight, it scans four different workers in only 15 seconds; and in low light, the solution is able to scan three workers in just 11 seconds.

The video also shows the IXM Titan operating under some pretty rough conditions. It manages to operate as water drips onto its face, and even continues when the water is replaced by falling rubble. On that note, Invixium points out in its video that the solution offers additional applications in areas such as oil refineries, ports, mining facilities, factories, and more.

It’s a demonstration of the state of the art when it comes to biometric access control and time tracking technology, with sophisticated biometric terminals now capable of withstanding highly demanding conditions while maximizing throughput and efficiency. For the IXM Titan’s part, it also looks good while it does it; and with the solution now being promoted by Invixium’s partner Genetec, it’s poised to establish a strong presence in the wider market.