News Roundup: Invisible and Frictionless

Last week at FindBiometrics we brought Invisible Biometrics Month to a close, featured an exclusive interview and reported on a wide range of strong authentication news. Mobility and finance continued to make up the brunt of the headlines while innovations in facial recognition, developments in law enforcement, and new company appointments rounded out the industry news.

Here’s a look back on the last week of July in biometrics:

Mobile Identity Management

News Roundup: Invisible and FrictionlessSynaptics posted its fiscal year and Q4 results last week, showing major revenue growth for an annual period that saw its technology integrated into the Galaxy S6. Of course, Samsung is facing competition, particularly in the Asian markets, and competing OEMs are also including fingerprint sensors on their own handsets. We reported last week on the newest device from Huawei and the hugely anticipated OnePlus 2, both of which feature biometric sensors from Fingerprint Cards AB.

Precise Biometrics tech comes along with the FPC sensors, but that’s not the only reason we were talking about the biometrics company that licenses its algorithm to Fingerprint Cards. Precise Biometrics also made the news last week after receiving a new Tactivo order from Britain’s National Health Service.

Tactivo Readers a Hit with NHS Foundation Trust

Synaptics Posts 80 Percent Revenue Growth for Fiscal Year

Huawei Sticks with FPC for Latest Smartphone Sensor

OnePlus 2 Features FPC Sensor

Precise Biometrics Tech On Major Chinese Phone

Law Enforcement

News Roundup: Invisible and FrictionlessLast week we reported that the FBI and Georgia’s MIA have agreed to share biometric data in a mutual bid to crack down on terrorism. Meanwhile, Morpho (Safran) biometric technology was supplied to Turkey, offering a strong authentication solution to tracking probationers.

FBI and Georgian Intelligence Agency to Share Biometric Data

Turkey Uses Morpho Tech to Authenticate Probationers

Invisible and Frictionless

News Roundup: Invisible and FrictionlessWith July behind us so goes Invisible Biometrics Month. In our featured articles section last week we looked back on the articles and news items that made up our month-long examination of frictionless biometric solutions. The industry is not bound by our featured articles schedule, of course, so invisible biometrics – facial recognition in particular – still made up a strong presence in the headlines. Check out the links below to see how invisible biometrics are fitting into smart cities thanks to NEC, keeping track of church goers thanks to Churchix, and learning to see in the dark thanks to researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

Invisible Biometrics Month: The Roundup

GAO Report Raises Concerns About Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Tech Goes to Church

Deep Machine Learning Tackles Infrared Facial Recognition

NEC to Develop Smart City Tech for Tirupati, India


News Roundup: Invisible and FrictionlessLast week we featured an interview with Daon’s Conor White, focusing on the success of the company’s biometrics deployment with USAA – a company that was also in the news, having joined the FIDO Alliance along with ING. Economists with BBVA Compass weighed in on the imminent death of the password in financial services while the industry corroborated their claims many times over. A number of financial institutions announced their further embrace of biometric authentication, whether through lip service, deployment or partnership.

INTERVIEW: Conor White, President – Americas, Daon

FIDO Welcomes ING and USAA to Board

BBVA Economists See Imminent Death of Password

Touch ID Biometrics Implemented by Citizens Bank

Head of Wells Fargo Innovation Team Excited About Biometrics

PalmSecure to be Integrated by Fiserv

Citibank Among New ESRA Members

New Jobs

News Roundup: Invisible and FrictionlessLast week on the company operations side of things, MorphoTrak appointed Teresa Wu to its executive team while Integrated Biometrics announced its new CFO and vice president of sales and marketing.

MorphoTrak Appoints Teresa Wu To Executive Team

Integrated Biometrics Appoints New CFO, Sales Chief


News Roundup: Invisible and Frictionless

In access control news, CLEAR gates found themselves in the realm of sports and travel, with a pilot program at Mineta San Jose International Airport and the announcement that they will be deployed at Coors Field in Denver. In terms of logical access control, meanwhile, Windows users around the globe were given biometric security options with the launch of Windows 10 last week.

San Jose Airport Pilots Biometric Screening

Report: Biometrics Market Driven By Enterprise Security

Rockies Fans to Get Biometric Fast Access to Ballpark

Windows 10 Available Worldwide, Offers Biometric Security


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August 4, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter