Invisible Biometrics Month: The Roundup

All throughout July at FindBiometrics we have been placing a special focus on biometrics so frictionless that they are considered virtually invisible to humans. Invisible Biometrics Month had us examine the frontiers of identity technology when it comes to convenience, visibility and inevitably privacy.

Here’s a look back on the highlights of Invisible Biometrics Month:

The Big Picture

Invisible Biometrics Month: The RoundupWhile it is a sub-category of increasing prominence, invisible biometrics technology is an interesting niche in identity management technology. Essentially modality agnostic, the definition of an invisible biometrics solution depends solely on how little end-user friction it generates. Our featured primer on this month’s topic helps specifically nail down the most important aspects of invisible biometrics while providing recent and relevant examples from the news to help illustrate.

Invisible Biometrics Month: The Primer

Facial Recognition

Facial BiometricsFacial recognition is one of the major modalities in the realm of invisible biometrics, and it’s also easily experiencing the most amount of controversy. In our featured articles section we examined how the modality can be used in retail marketing, as well as the difficulty faced by groups attempting to regulate the technology’s use in this area of application. Facial recognition also sparked conversations overseas in Russia, where FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill was invited onto the Looking Forward radio program to give an expert view on the the modality.

Of course, it’s not all edgy opinions and privacy concerns, throught the month facial recognition was deployed in law enforcement and anti-fraud scenarios, and new innovation promised great improvements for authentication and identification applications of the tech. Below you will find links to those and more stories from July involving facial recognition when used at its most invisible.

Invisible Biometrics Month: Marketing Matters

Sputnik Talks Facial Recognition With FindBiometrics

FacialNetwork Brings 3D Facial Recognition to Smartphones

Facial Recognition Tech Goes to Church

Deep Machine Learning Tackles Infrared Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Boosts ADOT Fraud Dectetion by 860%

Surat Police Get NEC Facial Recognition CCTV System

Behavioral Biometrics

behavioralIn week three of Invisible Biometrics Month we turned our focus to an emerging invisible modality: behavioral analytics. Our featured article examines how behavioral biometrics can be used for authentication, human liveness detection and anti-malware purposes. In the industry news, we also saw the modality used as a second factor in a voice and face authentication app. Here is how behavioral biometrics fit into July’s news and featured articles:

Invisible Biometrics Month: Biometrics Versus Malware

BioCatch Wins New Behavioral Biometrics Patents

AuthShield Authenticates with Phrases and Selfies

Applications in Voice and Speech

speech and voiceFinally, in week four of Invisible Biometrics Month, we examined the many ways voice recognition is being applied in a frictionless context. From call center authentication, to healthcare and law enforcement, to the burgeoning Internet of Things – voice biometrics is staying out of the way while making a secure difference.

The following links will illustrate how voice recognition factored into Invisible Biometrics Month.

Invisible Biometrics Month: 4 Applications Of Voice Biometrics

Sensory’s TrulySecure Can Tell Who’s Talking

Verint Leverages Voice Biometrics in Enterprise Packages

Australian Tax Agency Uses Nuance Tech to Identify Callers


And so ends Invisible Biometrics Month. Keep the conversation going by following us on Twitter and using the hashtag #FBinvisible.

July 29, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter