INTERVIEW: Visa Canada’s Gord Jamieson on the Popularity of Financial Biometrics [AUDIO]

INTERVIEW: Visa Canada's Gord Jamieson on The Popularity of Financial Biometrics [AUDIO]Visa Canada recently made headlines by publishing survey results indicating that Canadians’ familiarity with biometric technologies is stoking greater enthusiasm for fingerprint authentication in payments scenarios. Commissioned by Visa, the survey was conducted by AYTM Market Research and provided insights into how Canadian adults feel about different biometric modalities.

FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Visa Canada’s Head of Risk Services, Gord Jamieson, about the survey results and what they mean for the financial services industry. The wide-ranging discussion touches on driving factors, bad consumer habits, how passwords are leading to online cart abandonment, the death of the password, and multimodality.

Listen to the full interview with Gord Jamieson, Head of Risk Services, Visa Canada:

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