INTERVIEW: Bruce Hanson, CEO, Credence ID

Interview with Bruce Hanson, CEO, Credence ID

Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Bruce Hanson, CEO of Credence ID. Credence has had quite a year so far, with new product launches, major recognition and deployments all across the globe in a range of vertical markets. The following interview begins with a look at Credence ID’s new financial deployments in Panama and Colombia, goes on to detail the success the company is having in Africa in bringing biometrics to education, touches on the company winning Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 Asia Pacific Mobile Biometric Company of the Year, and finishes with a look at the new CredenceOne-MRZ.

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Peter O’Neill, President, Mobile ID World (MIDW): You have had some big news releases recently; let’s start with the news from Colombia and Panama regarding your mobile banking solution.

Bruce Hanson, CEO, Credence ID (CID): It’s an exciting time for mobile biometrics and Latin America has been an area of focus for Credence ID.  I’m happy to say that our efforts are beginning to gain traction.  What’s of particular interest for us is how quickly applications are being developed and how diverse those applications are becoming. The new projects in Panama and Colombia illustrate that. Large banks in the region are conducting outreach programs to potential account holders and marketing to new customers. Their goals are to bring more of the population into the banking community. Many people have historically had very little or no relationship with the banks and never had a bank account or a debit card. Basically, large segments of the population have used only cash in all of their transactions.

Using these outreach programs, the banks are creating interest in opening first-time accounts, but how can they do that and still keep the process fast, easy and secure?  Our partner in the region, ADO Technologies, writes fantastic Android applications using our SDK that enables bank couriers to go directly to the home or workplace of these new account holders and, using biometrics and credential reading, sign them up right on the spot.  ADO’s applications running on our CredenceOne devices allow the couriers to collect information about the individual, check their credit, match their fingerprint, confirm their identity, and issue a debit card; all remotely using a very intuitive interface.

It’s very exciting and we are enthusiastic that mobile biometrics can drive this kind of penetration for banking.  Certainly throughout Latin America there is an intense interest, but we are also seeing this in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia as well. We expect several similar projects to take hold later this year…

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