Interoperability: At the Intersection of Policy and Public Perception

Biometrics are widely recognized for their powerful identification capabilities: They help enhance security, protect privacy and catch the bad guys. But like many emerging technologies related to personal identification, biometrics also face an array of policy-related questions:

  • What kinds of biometric information can organizations exchange?
  • When can organizations share this data?
  • How should organizations share this data?

It’s an ongoing discussion, with many of the answers deeply rooted in public perception. The technology is real and proven—so could this be the last hurdle before broader adoption and interoperability?

Join findBIOMETRICS for a free webinar to hear how these issues are affecting the industry’s ability to drive biometrics across borders and business sectors, and across processes, devices and systems.

Panellists discussed:

  • Perspectives from law enforcement on local, national, and international levels
  • Examples of biometric interoperability initiatives and challenges
  • Effects of policy and law on interoperability decisions and missions


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John Mears   Moderator   Mr. Mears is the Director of Biometric Solutions for the Security and Citizen Protection line of business within the Lockheed Martin IS&GS Civil operating unit. In this position, he is responsible for program performance, segment strategy, and technology plans for biometrics identification and verification applications across the major market segments. He has run the cross-corporate Biometrics Task Force as Chairman since 2006.  Major program responsibilities for Mr. Mears include the Transportation Worker’s Identification Credential (TWIC) program for the TSA, and the FBI’s Card Scanning Service IV (CSS IV) program.

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James Loudermilk  Panellist James Loudermilk is the Senior Level Technologist in the FBI Science and Technology Branch. He is leading the FBI Rapid DNA Initiative. Loudermilk entered on duty in July 1996 as the FBI’s first Senior Level employee, and the FBI executive responsible for design, development, installation, and transition to operations of the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) representing a $640 million investment to revitalize FBI identification technology.

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Mark Branchflower  Panellist Mr Branchflower joined New Scotland Yard fingerprint branch in England in 1984 as a trainee fingerprint officer. After qualifying as a fingerprint expert in 1989 Mark left the UK and in 1990 became a fingerprint officer with INTERPOL at its headquarters in Lyon France. Since 1990 he has participated in many INTERPOL European and International working groups on fingerprint standards, AFIS, training and DNA. Currently as Head of the Fingerprint Unit his main duties are the organisation of INTERPOL fingerprint AFIS services, organisation of meetings and conferences and Identification projects. Currently Mr Branchflower is involved in several projects concerning the exchange of fingerprint information between Interpol member countries and increasing the data base size of INTERPOL AFIS services.

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Alan Hanson Panellist With 16 years of experience at the Fairfax County Police Department, Second Lt. Hanson currently serves as Chairman of the National Capital Region Biometrics Governance Board, Northern Virginia Regional Identification System (NOVARIS), where he is responsible for managing the budget, identifying new technology and technology gaps in the region, and ensuring the successful operation and integration of the National Capital Region’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (NCR AFIS). The NCR AFIS is comprised of three separate regional AFIS systems, which share information to enable identifications across local and state boundaries. Second Lt. Hanson is also responsible for the direction of the region’s Mobile AFIS and Facial Recognition systems.

This webinar is being presented through the collaboration of findBiometrics and WCC Smart Search & Match, the creators of ELISE ID, the platform for multi-modal fusion. 

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