Intent Provides Biometric Pill Dispenser for Hepatitis C Treatment Program

Intent Provides Biometric Pill Dispenser for Hepatitis  C Treatment Program

Intent Solutions is partnering with the University of Kentucky in an effort to eliminate Hepatitis C in Perry County. The $15 million Kentucky Viral Hepatitis Treatment Study (KeY Treat) program is funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and will seek to curb an outbreak that accelerated due to the opioid crisis.

For its part, Intent will be providing all 900 participants with its “tad” (take-as-directed) biometric pill dispenser. The dispenser holds a 30-day supply of medication and uses fingerprint recognition to make sure that the medication goes to the intended recipient on the proper treatment schedule.

“tad provides us with clear visibility into whether individuals are taking their medication properly,” said Jennifer Havens, the principal investigator for KeY Treat. “If they are not, we can intervene quickly to prevent waste and misuse, and to ensure the study aims are being met.”

“While our tad system was originally developed to reduce the misuse, abuse and diversion of opioids, we have also seen its potential in clinical trials,” added Intent CEO Sam Zamarripa.

By using biometric patient identification to meter the medication, the tad dispenser improves treatment outcomes and provides researchers with better information about patient habits, which should make future trials more effective. Intent’s solution was designed specifically to prevent opioid abuse, which is relevant in Kentucky due to its high correlation with Hepatitis C.

Intent has previously partnered with MAP Health Management.

July 8, 2019 – by Eric Weiss