Intellicheck Patent Covers Two-Factor Biometric Smart Card System

US-based Intellicheck Mobilisa has won approval for a patent covering a biometric smart card system.

Intellicheck Patent Covers Two-Factor Biometric Smart Card SystemIt revolves around linking a smart card to the identity of its holder by embedding the user’s fingerprint biometric profile in the smart card itself. When the smart card user’s fingerprint is scanned and that data is compared against the profile on the card, two-factor authentication is essentially enabled.

Announcing the patent approval in a statement, Intellicheck asserted that it assures compliance with FIPS-201, the government standard underlying the Common Access Card, Personal Identity Verification, and Transportation Worker Identification Credential standards, among others. Thus the patent “allows us to make important strides in the fast growing $25 billion fingerprint biometric marketplace,” said Intellicheck CEO Dr. William Roof.

It is indeed a big and growing market, and one in which this patent will definitely help Intellicheck. But it’s also an increasingly competitive market, with major biometric sensor companies now intensively exploring smart cards specifically, aiming to produce smart cards with built-in biometric scanning capabilities.

June 13, 2016 – by Alex Perala